Adult Stem Cell Storage Bank Your Stem Cells with Us for Future Treatments

Essential Health & Wellness offers cutting-edge stem cell storage services from our Cary, NC clinic. This enables our Triangle-area patients to set aside their young bone marrow stem cells for later use in regenerative therapies and treatments for age-related diseases. As more and more stem-cell-related therapies are being developed and approved for public use, your banked stem cells will only continue to offer more options for your health and quality of life as you age.

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Why Store My Stem Cells? The Stem Cell Banking Purpose & Procedure at Essential Health

All of your body’s systems contain stem cells, which have powerful regenerative effects used to fix aging and damaged tissues. As you get older, your stems cells naturally begin to diminish, making it harder for your body to repair itself, especially in the later years of your life. Your young adult stem cells, harvested from your hip bone, can now be stored safely and effectively for many years and even decades.


How Does the Stem Cell Harvesting Procedure Work?

At Essential Health, the process of removing and storing stem cells from your pelvic (hip) bone is fast, simple, and almost painless. We use a minimally invasive outpatient procedure with a local anesthetic to harvest your young adult stem cells. It only takes about 15 minutes. We’ll apply a bandage to the small incision site that will need to stay in place for at least 24 hours. You should be able to return to work or school the next day, but we’ll recommend you avoid moderate and heavy activity for at least a week after your procedure. After your stem cells are collected, we’ll prepare and store them using our state-of-the-art equipment for maximum longevity and viability.



What Types of Stem Cells Are Stored?

Many people have heard of stem cells but don’t realize that there are many types, each with their own functions and properties. At Essential Health, we focus on harvesting bone marrow stem cells, specifically these two main types:

  • Mesenchymal stem cells, which have powerful tissue-building properties, and
  • Hematopietic stem cells, which are capable of regenerating your blood cells.

Together, these two types of stem cells give you a broad range of treatment and therapy options for many diseases and age-related conditions. They work by stimulating your body’s natural healing processes in the safest, most effective way possible. Bone marrow stem cells have shown themselves to be the most viable and powerful types of stem cells when it comes to tissue regeneration.



What’s the Best Age to Harvest My Stem Cells for Storage?

Simply put, the younger, the better. We recommend you have your stem cells stored before the age of 60, at the very latest. Clinical research is showing that the younger you are when you have your stem cells harvested and banked, the higher the chance they’ll be high quality and viable for effective treatments and therapies. Because your stem cells begin degrading continually from adulthood, accelerating in middle age and beyond, it’s never too early. Even if you’re young and in good overall health, you may still want to consider storing your stem cells with us for your future health.



Why Choose Essential Health & Wellness for Stem Cell Storage?

At Essential Health & Wellness in Cary, NC, we have all of the cutting edge-equipment and expert medical knowledge needed to be your prime source for stem cell storage here in the Triangle area. Our own Dr. James Stevens is a leader in stem cell research, therapies, and storage techniques. This means we’re offering world-class stem cell banking services right in your back yard! Not only are we at the cutting edge of stem cell storage, we’re also helping lead the way in stem cell research both here in the fast-paced RTP area and across the globe.



How Do I Get Started with Storing My Stem Cells?

If you’d like to learn more about stem cell storage at Essential Health & Wellness and find out if you’re a good candidate, all you have to do is call us today at (919) 926-3010 or contact us to get started. Our friendly health and wellness experts are standing by to schedule your consultation so we can answer all of your questions and help you take the first step toward protecting your future health.

Call us today at (919) 926-3010 or contact us to schedule a free preliminary consultation and learn more about how our dedicated healthcare professionals at Essential Health & Wellness can help you manage and enhance your overall wellness!

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