What is Integrative Medicine? Combining Mainstream, Complementary, and Alternative Therapies

There are many scientifically-validated therapies and interventions that fall outside of the scope of so-called “mainstream” Western medicine. Integrative Medicine is known as a healing-oriented approach to medical care which shirks the traditional distinction between “conventional” and “alternative” medicines. Practitioners of integrative medicine make use of any and all relevant or appropriate therapies that are shown to be scientifically viable in facilitating the body’s innate healing responses. Integrative medicine neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies uncritically, recognizing that good medicine is always based on good science, not popular opinion.

As with Functional Medicine, the integrative approach is centered around the patient, taking into account every aspect of mind, body, and spirit, including health status, history, environment, genetics, and lifestyle. The personalized medicine practitioner and the patient form a collaborative relationship built upon the common goal of maximizing health and preventing illness and chronic conditions. Integrative medicine involves understanding the bigger picture of a patient’s health, treating whole people rather than specific conditions.

In integrative medicine, natural and less-invasive interventions are used whenever possible, and holistic approaches to treating health issues are always explored. A focus on prevention and developing healthier lifestyles is also emphasized, as integrative medicine deals in improving long-term outcomes alongside promoting short-term results.

Integrative Medicine at Essential Health & Wellness

Personalized Care for Healthy Minds, Bodies, and Spirits

When you come to Essential Health & Wellness as a patient, you become a partner in your own overall health and wellbeing. As a provider of personalized medicine, we take the time and care needed to work with you to understand your complete medical, social, and emotional statuses. This includes considering your values, personal preferences, cultural traditions, and lifestyle before recommending a targeted intervention. We strive to empower our patients to act as an important part of their larger health care team and take personal responsibility for the crucial aspects of self care and monitoring.

We recognize that changing your lifestyle is not always easy, so we become your resource and support system for reaching both your short and long-term health and wellness goals. Taking a personalized approach to integrative medicine, we see ourselves as exemplary of its philosophies, and we are dedicated to developing and improving our health and wellbeing as patients of our own practice. This gives us the experience and understanding needed to relate closely with our patients and deliver the most personal and attentive care possible.

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