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Essential Health & Wellness is the dynamic result of more than a decade’s worth of experience and fine tuning by Dr. James Stevens. Providing holistic wellness services and programs, the office specializes in staying at the forefront of modern medical knowledge and best practices. The result is a unique healthcare environment with a focus on delivering personalized solutions in the areas of total wellness, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy and research, and more.

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A Brief History from Dr. James Stevens, MD, CAQSM President and Founder of Essential Health & Wellness

The Executive Health and Wellness program started in 2004 within Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine. I was in the midst of building a large healthcare mall in North Raleigh—the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness, which opened in January of 2007. Executive health had its own physical space in AIHF by design. It was an excellent environment with nearly two dozen medical businesses to serve the “executive health experience” with one-stop shopping. The design of the executive health experience was a day-long, extensive medical assessment including cardiology, dermatology, nutrition, fitness, and lab testing. These all-day exams provided the information needed to design a medical and lifestyle program for the busy executive’s ensuing year. The goal was assess the overall health status and risks and address ways to reduce or prevent disease.

It was also a time in which I established for my patients that were interested a 24/7 concierge-like practice. As the Head Team Physician to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey club, I had been providing 24/7 medical coverage to the players, management, and all of their family members. This was a concept that had worked extremely well for the Hurricanes’ organization, which won the Stanley Cup in 2006. Since this time, many companies and private individuals have chosen to have their health and wellness provided in this focused, comfortable, and accessible format. I typically interview individuals, couples, and corporations to assess their needs and the value of a 24/7 program before they enter the practice.

In 2009, I became seriously interested in wellness, anti-aging, and hormone replacement therapy. These are actually overlapping circles, and knitting them together for a patient was very rewarding, and more importantly, very effective in improving their health status as well as their quality of life and personal perception of vitality. I attended the Cenegenics Institute Physician Training program in Las Vegas in January 2011, and the upshot of this intensive course was the implementation of the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) program for men and women. BHRT is now 40% of Essential Health & Wellness’s business. It is also one of the most rewarding pieces of health and wellness according to many of our patients.

While attending the Cenegenics training program, I was befriended by Elliot Lander, MD. He is a practicing urologist in Palm Springs, CA. Dr. Lander had been practicing BHRT for a decade, and he invited me to visit him and further my education and skills in BHRT. He also was pioneering stem cell research with Mark Berman, MD and an austere group of physicians he had assembled. He introduced me to stem research and subsequently invited me to join the Cell Surgical Network: a group of 28 like-minded physicians from around the country. We all convened in Palm Springs, CA in June of 2012 and trained and certified in mini-liposuction and the process of harvesting stromal vascular fraction (SVF) to deploy in many disease conditions. In April of 2013, I had constructed my own procedure room and under an IRB-approved protocol began recruiting patients for our stem cell procedure.

In the spring of 2012, I also moved the executive practice from AIHF to our current location in Cary, NC. At the same time, the practice had grown to be much more than a corporate wellness exam. So, we sat down and changed the name to reflect who we are and what we do more closely: we decided to rename our practice Essential Health & Wellness. In 2012, we also made a commitment to our patients to represent the leaders in the field of wellness, stem cell, and hormone therapy. Danielle DeHaven, VP of Clinical Services, and I joined the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M). We have now completed the A4M Certification and will continue on to the Fellowship degree. I am also pursuing the Masters in Regenerative and Medical Nutrition which is co-sponsored by A4M and the University of South Florida (USF).

In 2014, we at Essential Health & Wellness are a broad range of services, and we are thriving. Each of core services is growing, and our future is bright. We are leaders in the field and dedicate our time, efforts, and clinical practice to provide the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and rewarding experience to our patients.

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Essential Health & Wellness is a cutting-edge medical office located in Cary, NC serving clients with personalized, comprehensive healthcare solutions including stem cell research, hormone replacement therapy, lab testing, and much more, all designed to improve overall wellness, performance, and longevity

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