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September’s Featured Supplement: Neo40

Tuesday Sep 01, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

Neo40 is a natural supplement that promotes production of nitric oxide, which is commonly known as N-O. Neo40 contains a proprietary blend that has been scientifically shown to help the body produce nitric oxide. It contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, beet root extract, hawthorn berry extract, l-citrulline, and sodium nitrate.

N-O is a molecule found in our body that allows our blood vessels to relax, which promotes artery dilation and increased blood circulation. However, as we age, nitric oxide levels in our body begin to decline. Exercise and nitrate-rich foods may help your body produce more N-O, but this still may not be enough. Lower nitric oxide levels have been shown to increase risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. N-O has the ability to improve blood flow, decrease cardiovascular disease, improve sexual performance, and enhance cognition.

The power of nitric oxide has been proven with numerous research studies. Benefits may include supporting a healthy blood pressure, supporting cardiovascular and heart health, promoting increased circulation throughout the body, and supporting healthy arterial function. In addition to promoting heart health, Neo40 may also be helpful for exercise endurance and improve muscle recovery.

How do you know if you have low nitric oxide levels? Taking an at-home test using a nitric oxide indicator strip can give you an idea of where you are! N-O indicator strips and Neo40 are both available at Essential Health and Wellness.

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