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From the Desk of Dr. Stevens: Inflammation in the Brain

Sunday Nov 01, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

This month, we are exploring the world of neurotransmitter testing and immune inflammation testing by NeuroScience. This is an area of medicine that is growing steadily and has its place in the clinical armamentarium particularly for individuals who have gone undiagnosed or insufficiently treated for a whole host of conditions. To be certain, there is perhaps no panacea when it comes to complex medical issues. However, many people have struggled with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic recurrent infections, and other neurological disorders that have been elucidated and consequently treated successfully through these new diagnostics.

We are also touching on a growing treatment modality: intravenous nutrition. In particular, Jennie expounds on IV glutathione. This is an intracellular antioxidant with many essential functions. In the past few years, Dr. Perlmutter has raised tremendous awareness of IV glutathione with his notoriety as a highly acclaimed neurologist and author of two superb books: Grain Brain and Brain Maker. In the final analysis, IV nutrition, and IV glutathione in particular, have a place in the therapeutic armamentarium for many conditions that either have few options or insufficient options. Parkinson’s disease is a prime example, as Dr. Perlmutter has so elegantly portrayed.

We hope this month’s newsletters are informative and inspire you to learn more about the benefits of NeuroScience testing and IV nutrition therapy.

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