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The Metabolic Code

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

One aspect of eliminating adrenal fatigue is to know your predictive risk toward health. As you know, it is not just adrenals that cause stress to your body, but all your body systems. No one area of the body works alone. Each of our body’s systems works together. For instance, if you are under a lot of stress and you are overproducing your natural stress hormone, cortisol, this can affect fat storage, blood sugar balance, memory, and focus. This specifically targets areas of weakness in your metabolism and guides you to a corrective lifestyle.
If you knew your predictive risk factors, wouldn’t you do anything possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle? The Metabolic Code does just that! It is a complex mix of laboratory testing and lifestyle questionnaires designed to determine where your predictive risk is going to end up. The report categorizes each area by body system, and the end result is a personalized plan of action for your lifestyle. The customized plan will include recommendation of what foods to eat, nutritional supplements, and exercise to incorporate into one’s lifestyle.

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