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From the Desk of Dr. Stevens: Weight Loss

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016 by Essential Health and Wellness in

Every year, tens of thousands of people start the New Year with a commitment to losing weight. For some, it is because their pants no longer fit comfortably around the waist, and for others, their doctors have said something like, “you know your diabetes would be improved if you could lose a little weight.” Too often, this is the extent to which they are directed. Some succeed, but most do not.

This month, we are highlighting weight loss for a very specific reason. First is that it is early in the New Year, and just about everyone is looking in the mirror and asking the same question, “can I lose a few pounds?” Secondly and most importantly is that weight loss, specifically fat mass, is one of the most important elements to predicting health status over our lifetime.

We have all heard that America has a weight problem, for sure. However, what we haven’t heard quite as clearly as we need is that many studies have been performed and definitively shown that our fat mass is attributable to the cause of diseases, the severity of diseases, and our longevity. So the length of our life and the quality of our life is directly associated to almost every disease – heart disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and certain cancers like breast and prostate, to name a few. Conclusion: lose the body fat and get as lean as you can. How? That is something we take very personally here at the office.

Medical weight loss is really guided weight loss with specific goals and both weight and physiologic milestones. Our message this month is simple and yet statistically one of the most challenging – weight loss is disease preventive, disease reversing, and life extending when done purposefully and with the right goals and reasons to support it. We cherish the thought that we can assist anyone who is looking to do this as part as an overall plan for optimal health. So the next time you are out to dinner say, “Hold the sourdough bread please and add some extra broccoli to my plate.” Bon appetit!

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