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June’s Featured Supplement: Probiotics

Thursday Jun 25, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

When we hear the word “bacteria,” we usually think of it as something that causes diseases. In actuality, your body contains both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help our gastrointestinal system function optimally by assisting with absorption of nutrients, enhancing immune system function, and more. The bad bacteria is always present, but normally it is kept at controlled levels. Everything works in a symbiotic relationship, until something occurs that can disrupt this balance. Antibiotic use, poor diet, and toxins or chemicals can alter the function of our gut. Over time, this increases overgrowth of bad bacteria and results in increased illnesses, nutrient deficiencies, poor immune function, irritable bowel, and other GI complaints. It is true when people say that over 70% of our immune system is located in our gut!

How can we fix this? One way is by taking a daily probiotic. Probiotics are these good bacteria and taking them every day can help repopulate your gut with the healthy, normal flora. Probiotics should be just as important, if not more, than your daily multivitamin! Are all probiotics created equal? Unfortunately, no, they aren’t. The key things to look for when finding a good, quality probiotic are:

  • A wide variety of strains. Your gut contains billions of bacteria strains, so make sure the probiotc you take has at least a few different strains included
  • High colony forming unit (CFU) count! The more the better. Typically, for a healthy individual, we recommend 10-25 billion CFUs daily.

In our office, we offer two-high quality probiotics by OrthoMolecular. OrthoBiotic is the perfect daily probiotic, containing seven different strains and 20 billion CFUs per capsule. PROBiotic 225 is a high-concentration probiotic, which contains 225 billion CFUs for intensive probiotic support. We also like that this company uses a specialized technology to make sure each capsule is manufactured appropriately to preserve live probiotics, and OrthoMolecular uses this technology to release these active strains in the intestines.

As always, if you have any questions regarding Probiotics or any other supplements that Essential Health & Wellness offers, feel free to contact us today.

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