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April’s Featured Lab: Array 3 Panel- Checking For All Gluten Sensitivity

Thursday Mar 31, 2016 by Essential Health and Wellness in

Cyrex Labs specializes in autoimmune reactions and their possible triggers, from gluten to chemical sensitivities. This month our focus is on their Array 3 panel, which checks for gluten sensitivities. Not everyone has celiac disease and has a true allergy to gluten. Gluten reactivity is a systemic autoimmune disease with a wide array of symptoms. These symptoms of gluten sensitivity can vary across the inflammatory spectrum. Ingestion of gluten may be the source of abdominal distention/bloating, skin reactions, increased fatigue, fibromyalgia, and even anxiety or depression. Current conventional testing for gluten-reactivity only measures antibody levels against a single wheat protein called alpha-gliadin. The problem with this is that alpha-gliadin is only one of many wheat proteins and peptides. A person could show a negative reaction to alpha-gliadin, but be positive to another protein, such as omega-gliadin. Without the use of this functional testing, a person could go along continuing to eat gluten with the misinformation that they are not sensitive to it and still feel awful. This comprehensive gluten reactivity test is recommended for anyone who complains of: gut dysbiosis, already has known food allergy and intolerance, has chemical hypersensitivity, and present with multi-symptom complaints (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, dermatitis, and more).

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