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From the Desk of Dr. Stevens: Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine

Saturday Aug 01, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

This month, we are featuring two very intriguing aspects of what has become known as “regenerative medicine” or “anti-aging medicine.” All too often, we are caught up in names, trends, and the latest widgets and gadgets, when in fact, there are wonderful tools right among us to make our life healthier and longer in the right ways. On a more simplistic—though highly technical—note, we are looking at growth factors that help regenerate damaged skin and the tips of certain chromosomes that are a glimpse into our current cellular aging process.

Our understanding both of growth factors and of telomeres is the culmination of modern technological advances in cellular medicine. It is absolutely amazing that we can have advanced healing capabilities through the mass production of human growth factors: restoring burns, hair loss, sun damage, and post-operative surgical scars.

It is also fascinating that our chromosomes have telomeres, which are special tips that determine how many replications a cell can undergo before expiring. How does this impact us? Well imagine your telomere length is a function of a repair protein (telomerase), and that your lifestyle impacts the presence of this life extending enzyme, telomerase. We should all ask ourselves, “what do I need to do to replenish my telomerase, to lengthen my telomeres, and to extend my life?”

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