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Manage Your Stress With a Daily Stress Formula

Friday Feb 17, 2017 by Essential Health and Wellness in

Finding a moment in your day to de-stress can be difficult at times. Having dedicated exercise time or just 15 minutes of meditation is relatively non-existent for some. Your body is still being effected by daily stress, so what can you do if you don’t have time to close your eyes and say, “ohm.” Daily Stress Formula is a well-rounded blend of herbals, amino acids and vitamins to help counteract the daily effects of occasional stress. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced society, we don’t always have the time to stop and relax or take care of ourselves how we’d like. Physical and emotional stressors wear on our bodies. Over time, stress causes an imbalance in our cortisol/adrenal function. If this continues without the appropriate measures to help balance this, it can effect optimal functioning of your entire body, especially sexual hormones.

Daily Stress Formula contains research proven nutraceuticals to help deal with the emotional and physical stressors we come into contact with on a daily basis. It contains herbals, like rhodiola, which has been shown in studies to help fatigue under stressful conditions and support short-term memory/concentration. It also has adaptogenic herbs, such as eleuthro and ashwagandha. Adaptogenic herbs help promote optimal adrenal function, decrease stress, increase energy and help support immune system function. The amino acid, l-tyrosine has been shown to help cognitive function during stressful situations. Chamomile and lemon balm help provide support for calmness and relaxation. So, if you find it difficult to find some time to relax during your busy schedule, consider Daily Stress Formula.

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