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New Service Available to Our Patients!

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016 by Essential Health and Wellness in

With the New Year, we decided to update our body-composition scale to a more in-depth, advanced model. This new scale breaks down weight into separate body compartments and calculates fat mass and fat-free mass, body water, and skeletal muscle mass. Unlike our old scale, which only had electrodes that you stood on, this new scale adds electrodes that you place your hands on. This addition helps prevent measurement errors and results in a more accurate analysis of your composition.

As a weight management tool, we can see what portion of your body is water weight, fat mass, and muscle. For our elite athletes, it can provide a basis for rehab therapy goals, enabling close monitoring of changes in body composition during injury, and monitoring values that may determine over-training/exhaustion. It is another great addition to our services that will help us provide you with optimum care!

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Erin Brooks

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