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Jennie’s Corner: Customizing Your Adrenal Support

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015 by Essential Health and Wellness in

There are many supplements out in the market that help support adrenals or treat adrenal fatigue. One supplement may contain licorice, and another may contain adrenal gland extract. Which one should you take? Before picking one up in the store and starting on it, first talk with your provider. It’s always best to discuss adrenal support with your provider beforehand. You can potentially cause more harm to your adrenals if you take the wrong regimen.

There are 3 stages of adrenal stress, and there are certain supplements that coincide with each. The initial stage is commonly known as the “Superman” stage, wherein cortisol levels are elevated. Stage 2 is adrenal resistance, when stress may be gone, but the negative effects are still impacting your health. Lastly, stage 3 is the adrenal exhaustion stage, when cortisol levels are low across the board. If you’re interested in learning which stage of adrenal stress you may be in, ask about our stress questionnaire at your next appointment. This questionnaire complements the 4-point salivary test to determine your specific stage and develop a supplement protocol that is best for your body (and your adrenals!).

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Jennie Welner, RN, FNP

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