Telomerase Activation from T.A. Sciences Fight the Process of Cellular Aging with TA-65

Cellular aging through the degradation of telomeres is a prime factor in triggering age-related conditions, diseases, and disorders. Telomeres provide a protective buffer of unused DNA capping the ends of DNA molecules in each chromosome. As cells divide and DNA copies itself, these telomeres become shorter and shorter with each replication, eventually disappearing altogether and leading to the degradation of important genetic information. This causes cells to age and brings about many age-related diseases such as multiple types of cancer.

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T.A. Sciences' TA-65 Supplement Activating Telomerase to Help Overcome Telomere Shortening

T.A. Sciences, however, produces supplements which are research based and clinically tested to activate an enzyme called telomerase which can slow, stop, or perhaps even reverse the age-related shortening of telomeres. Their TA-65 supplement is a patented, all natural, plant-based compound which has been shown to activate telomerase, thereby resisting the degradation of telomeres and enhancing cellular health.


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