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At Essential Health & Wellness, we take pride in having access to the very latest and most sophisticated medical lab testing available today. Our lab testing partners deliver a broad set of diagnostic evaluations spanning a wide range of indicators for precise assessment of our clients’ health status.

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We Provide Extensive Medical Lab Testing from These State-of-the-Art Associates:


Beyond simply providing these cutting edge diagnostic testing services, we at Essential Health & Wellness also lend our vast experience and knowledge to help all of our patients understand their results and, most importantly, use their results to formulate an action plan designed to improve their overall health. If you have been finding it difficult to enhance your feeling of wellness on your own, then come to Essential Health & Wellness for the very latest in medical lab testing and solutions that bring about real results.

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Essential Health & Wellness is a cutting-edge medical office located in Cary, NC serving clients with personalized, comprehensive healthcare solutions including stem cell research, hormone replacement therapy, lab testing, and much more, all designed to improve overall wellness, performance, and longevity

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