Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Males Addressing the Cause of Andropause in Men

As men age, they naturally experience a decline in natural production of hormones, including testosterone and androgenic hormones, which can lead to a condition known as Andropause, or late-onset hypogonadism. Andropause can lead to a sexual decline and significant detrimental changes to the male body and health. You may be familiar with a condition known as “low T,” which is advertised frequently on TV, and which is common in men with obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, chronic stress, and other chronic illnesses.

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Declining Testosterone Levels in Men Cause Many Symptoms By About Age 50, Nearly a Third of Men Will Experience a Range of Hormone-Based Changes


Symptoms Include:

  • Decrease in Energy and General Fatigue
  • Weight Gain (Particularly Belly Fat)
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Diminished Sex Drive
  • Inability to Maintain Erections
  • Difficulty Concentrating or Remembering Things
  • Emotional Changes Including Depression, Decreased Self Esteem, Irritability, and Anxiety
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Hot Flashes
  • Hair Loss
  • Gynecomastia (the Development of Male Breasts)
  • Urinary Problems
  • And More

Restoring the proper balance of testosterone in men who are experiencing symptoms of andropause stimulates the metabolism, enhances the ability to burn fat, increases sex drive and stamina, and increases muscle mass and bone strength. Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment and lab tests enabling us to establish your current hormone levels. We will then design a custom bioidentical hormone replacement program to address your individual needs and ultimately enhance your overall health and sense of wellbeing.

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