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From the Desk of Dr. Stevens: Achieving Optimal Health in 2016

Monday Feb 01, 2016 by Essential Health and Wellness in

This month we are featuring several areas of health and wellness that are integral parts of our practice. We are discussing the value of Myer’s Cocktail, an IV nutritional supplement. You may recall that in one of our previous newsletters we discussed “gut health”. More and more we are seeing the impact of the gut biome and gut inflammation on many disease processes. With sub-optimal gut health we do not absorb our micro-nutrients adequately. This then is the fundamental basis or logic for IV nutrition – bypass the gut.

We also are featuring the wellness exams we offer and one of the more sophisticated tests we perform during the full day exam – the VO2-max test. A thorough examination is a fundamental in wellness management. Essential Health & Wellness offers two exam types, a full day and a half day. The purpose of these exams is to assess the overall health status of our patient and then derive a strategic plan for the next 12 months and longer. The final plan is meant to address the key areas that need optimization. Once completed the goals are reassessed on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis as determined by the patient and the number and severity of the conditions elucidated. One key test we perform is the VO2-max test. It measures overall fitness level. There is very good evidence that fitness and disease risk as well as fitness and longevity are directly associated with one another. The more fit you are the more likely you are to have fewer and less severe diseases and to live longer. And VO2-max is directly associated with a person’s fat mass. In other words, lowering fat mass equates to improving VO2-max which equates to improved fitness and that means reduced disease and increased longevity. So we like to follow body composition (fat mass) and fitness level (VO2-max) over time here at Essential Health & Wellness and encourage our patient to work as hard as they can on reducing their fat mass.

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