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Add Life To Your Years!

Wednesday Sep 10, 2014 by Essential Health and Wellness in

The Pharmanex LifePak, now available at Essential Health & Wellness, supplies a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals to fill the nutrient gaps your daily diet may leave. Our bodies are under constant attack by free radicals, and science has shown that a network of antioxidants is more effective in combating these damaging molecules. As a nutritional anti-aging program, LifePak is formulated to nourish and protect cells, tissues, and organs, in the body with the specific purpose to guard against the normal ravages of aging.

There are more than 200,000 published studies on the antioxidants in LifePak and nearly 800,000 published studies on its comprehensive list of 59+ ingredients. LifePak has also been subjected to several clinical studies that have demonstrated specific antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits from regular and consistent use of LifePak.

Who should use LifePak? Anyone ages 18 and up concerned with improving health and nutrition.

LifePak Nano uses nano encapsulation to enhance absorbability. When taking an ordinary multiple vitamin some of the vitamin molecules may be too large (picture on left) to be absorbed by the gut. LifePak Nano’s nanotechnology (picture on right) helps ensure you get the most nutritional benefit from every capsule. Add this to your daily regimen, along with our hormone replacement program, to gain superior benefits for anti-aging. The LifePak Nano protects DNA and cells, nourishes and protects the brain, bolsters the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, helps regulate blood sugar metabolism, protects eye health, helps build strong bones, promotes joint function and mobility, helps maintain healthy skin tone and elasticity, helps protect against the effects of sun radiation, and delivers other anti-aging benefits. Ask us how you can start on LifePak Nano today!

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