Consultation Services

Expert Guidance for Your Healing Journey

If you are struggling with ongoing illness and looking for a personalized plan to restore your health, the team at EHW is here to provide you with professional and compassionate guidance on your healing journey.

Essential Health & Wellness takes an Integrative and Functional approach to your care, which means we focus on you as a whole person and listen to your individual needs. In contrast to conventional medicine, we go beyond treating symptoms and address the root causes of your illness.

As part of your personal prescription for better health, you will meet with a board-certified physician in addition to one of our certified health coaches. Together, we will develop an individualized and holistic treatment plan that we will help you implement and refine.


  • Pre-visit review of health histories
  • 60-minute consultation with a board-certified physician
  • 60-minute lifestyle assessment with a certified healthcoach
  • Personalized treatment plan with detailed recommendations
  • 3 dedicated follow-up visits for long-term success
Complete Consultation Package



Preparing for Success

Our goal at EHW is to provide you with the highest level of personalized care. As always, we remain committed to helping you achieve optimal health. Help us prepare for your success with a few easy steps.

  • Please provide all relevant medical records 72-hours prior to your initial appointment.
  • Please complete your health questionnaire 48-hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do not worry about fasting prior to your appointment - your doctor will work with you to customize testing based on your health needs.