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Manage Your Stress With a Daily Stress Formula

Finding a moment in your day to de-stress can be difficult at times. Having dedicated exercise time or just 15 minutes of meditation is relatively non-existent for some. Your body is still being effected by daily stress, so what can you do if you don’t have time to close your eyes and say, “ohm.” Daily Stress Formula is a well-rounded blend of herbals, amino acids and vitamins to help counteract the daily effects of occasional stress. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced society, we don’t always have the time to stop and relax or take care of ourselves how we’d like. Physical and emotional stressors wear on our bodies. Over time, stress causes an imbalance in our cortisol/adrenal function. If this continues without the appropriate measures to help balance this, it can effect optimal functioning of your entire body, especially sexual hormones.

Daily Stress Formula contains research proven nutraceuticals to help deal with the emotional and physical stressors we come into contact with on a daily basis. It contains herbals, like rhodiola, which has been shown in studies to help fatigue under stressful conditions and support short-term memory/concentration. It also has adaptogenic herbs, such as eleuthro and ashwagandha. Adaptogenic herbs help promote optimal adrenal function, decrease stress, increase energy and help support immune system function. The amino acid, l-tyrosine has been shown to help cognitive function during stressful situations. Chamomile and lemon balm help provide support for calmness and relaxation. So, if you find it difficult to find some time to relax during your busy schedule, consider Daily Stress Formula.

Jennie’s Corner: Customizing Your BHRT Treatment

There is not one way to take hormones. You have a few choices to pick from, and we can help you choose the right method to incorporate into your lifestyle easily. Our most popular method of bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) is pellet therapy. Estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone are all available in pellet form. Pellets are simply small implants. Pellet sizes can vary from the tip of a pencil eraser to a little larger than a grain of rice. During a quick office visit, a provider will locally anesthetize the area, so no pain is felt. Once the area is numb, a very small incision is made, and the pellets are inserted just beneath the skin. The pellets are slow timed-release implants that will last 3 to 4 months. By the end of the 4 months, the pellets have been completely absorbed by our body, and it is time for new pellets to be inserted. Many of our patients prefer this method, simply because they come in for a 15-minute procedure just 4 times a year and then don’t have to worry about remembering to take something on a daily basis.

For men, there are two other options when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. They can choose either creams or injectables. Creams are made by a compounding pharmacy, and dosing is customized specifically to what the patient needs. Creams must be applied every single day. As for injections, testosterone is injected into the thigh muscle, and patients are taught how to self-administer. Administration for injection happens once or twice weekly.

For women, another option you can choose for hormone replacement is creams. Depending on whether or not you still have a menstrual cycle, creams can be applied continuously or following your menstrual cycle. When initially starting on creams, you can expect to apply up to three different creams on a daily basis, one for each hormone. This is so the provider can easily adjust your dosing as needed, depending on your lab results and how you feel. Once your dosing becomes consistent, it may be possible to compound your hormones together to limit the amount you have to apply on a daily basis. Some women prefer this method because it is less “invasive” than pellet therapy. Another benefit is that dosing can easily be adjusted at any time during therapy, depending on how the patient feels.

Travel & Wellness Tips To Keep You Healthy

From The Desk of Dr. Stevens

Traveling abroad is usually filled with great anticipation and excitement. Many rewarding experiences abound all around the globe, and nothing is worse than falling ill somewhere very far from home. World travel has become commonplace in recent years and so are the spread of highly infectious diseases. Airports, planes, and fatigue are risk factors for many respiratory diseases and protecting yourself from these may make the difference between a miserable vacation and a pleasant and memorable one. Not all diseases are present uniformly around the world. Traveler’s diarrhea is typical in certain countries such as Mexico, Central America, and South America. Japanese Encephalitis is found in the Far East and Pacific Rim. Malaria, a mosquito-borne infection, is a risk in most of the equatorial countries. Certain diseases have vaccines and certain require medications. Protecting or diminishing the impact of one of these diseases is the focus of our travel medicine clinic – to offer the proper advice for immunizations and medications tailored to your destination. We wish you safe travels and hope you will travel smartly with the right precautions and medications. Bon voyage!

Featured Service: Travel Immunizations
Summer is almost coming to an end and with that vacation as well. For those of you who planned your getaways last minute, or to even plan for next year, there are a few services we offer here that you may be unaware of. If travelling abroad, at times there are certain vaccinations that are needed prior to entering the country. Essential Health & Wellness offers all required travel immunizations, as well as routine immunizations. Travel vaccinations include Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. You do not have to be a current patient to receive these vaccinations. If interested, please call our front desk for current pricing. We recommend you refer to the CDC website in order to find your vaccination recommendations.

Featured Supplement: Viracid


When going on vacation you certainly do not want an illness slowing you down. There is always one supplement you should have on hand in case the sniffles creep up on you: Viracid. Viracid helps boost your immune system with a blend of nutrients and botanical herbs. These herbs, such as black elderberry and Echinacea, have been used traditionally for years due to their immune-modulating properties. Results are best seen when taken at the first sign of illness, so keeping it ready in your travel bag is a must. In addition to boosting immune function, it may also help soothe throat irritations and nasal secretions. For illness, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules per hour. For maintenance, 2 capsules daily. Viracid is available for purchase at our office, so don’t forget to stock up on your way to the airport.

Jennie’s Corner: Protecting Your Immune System
If you are jet-setting soon, whether it’s for work or on our way to a relaxing getaway, being stuck on an airplane can wreak havoc on your immune system. Due to the recycled air flow in the cabin, if a single person on the plane is sick, it could potentially leave you more susceptible to acquiring the illness as well. As mentioned before, Viracid is a wonderful supplement to have on hand, but you may want to consider something a little more intensive to boost your immune system. IV nutrient therapy, but more specifically, a Myer’s Cocktail contains most essential nutrients to help strengthen your defenses against any illness. It is packed with a high dose of Vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system and help fight viruses, as well as other nutrients to help drive your energy. Intravenous nutrients act differently than taking a simple multivitamin by mouth. Since the nutrients are going straight into the bloodstream it packs a more powerful punch against illnesses and keeps you at peak health. Typically infusions take only 30-45 minutes and are recommended right before your trip and possibly consider adding another infusion when you return. With this added to your pre-travel plans, you’re ensuring a productive work trip or a successful getaway.

Have questions? Ready to make your next appointment? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Give us a call, or conveniently send us a message through the Contact page of our website. We’re always here to help you with all of your wellness needs!

Jennie’s Corner: Insulin and Cortisol

Every hormone in our body each has their own responsibilities but also work together like a symphony. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, and its responsibility is to drive sugar into every cell in our body to make energy. Cortisol, your natural stress hormone, is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands. In a time of stress, whether physical, chemical or emotional, cortisol releases stored sugar from the liver, which increases blood sugar, in response to the stress. Cortisol will also make it more difficult for insulin to attach to its corresponding receptor sites on cells. This whole process forces the pancreas to make even more insulin in order to try to lower blood sugar. This vicious cycle continues until finally diabetes ensues.

Insulin and its relationship with cortisol is just the tip of the iceberg. Stress has a massive impact on insulin and your body. It can lead to detrimental consequences such as increase inflammation, increase cellular aging, elevate cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce your liver’s natural detoxification, and so forth. The moral of the story is find ways to reduce your stress levels. What is relaxing to you? Yoga? Practicing mindfulness? Walking your dogs? Whatever it may be, make sure you give yourself dedicated time every day to enjoy those things and reduce your stress.

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Jennie Welner, RN, FNP

Jennie’s Corner: Sleep Hygiene

When we were young, we took sleep for granted. Regardless of how little we slept in our teens to early twenties, we always seemed to be able to bounce up that next day with a pep in our step. As we aged, slowly we started to realize the value in sleep. Sleep is a necessity. It helps restore the body and mind and helps us maintain our mental and physical health. It helps regulate vital circadian rhythms throughout our body, including memory, repair and rejuvenation of cells, regulation of the immune system, and regulate melatonin, DHEA, and sex hormones. Here are some general tips to help improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, sleeping as much as possible before midnight. Less than 7 hours of sleep can lead to health problems such as increased inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance, depression, mood swings, weight gain, sex hormone imbalances, and immune imbalances.
  • Remove stimuli (TV, smart phone, computer, tablet) for at least 1 hour before bed
  • Practice relaxation (dim lighting, music, warm tea, hot bath) during the 30-45 minutes before bed
  • Read a relaxing novel, devotional, or book of inspirational stories.
  • Consider writing down the next day’s tasks so you can relax your mind knowing all your “worries” will not be forgotten in the morning
  • Try to get to bed at the same time each night
  • Reduce caffeine consumption. Avoid all stimulants in the evening, including coffees, teas, chocolate, caffeinated sodas as they will delay sleep and increase your chance of waking during the night
  • Sleep in total darkness- Use room darkening shades, utilize alarm clocks with red number display as it does not disrupt natural melatonin secretion.
  • Disconnect from your phone in the bedroom- If you have to use it as your alarm, turn it to airplane mode before bed so that texts/calls/emails will not disturb you during your rest

Featured Supplement

Insomnia is a very common disorder. 1 in 3 adults in the US have insomnia occasionally. 1 in 10 adults have chronic or reoccurring insomnia. Complaining about poor sleep habits to your primary care, you often walk out with a sleep medication prescription that is only masking the problem. Use these with caution, some prescription and non-prescription drugs can deplete melatonin and chronic use can lead to sleep disorders. There are so many useful natural supplements available to us for sleep. If used correctly they can improve your sleep patterns.

Neurotransmitter balance is vital for sleep, since the sleep cycle is regulated primarily in the brain. Serotonin and GABA are calming neurotransmitters that slow down the brain, promote relaxation and induce sleep. A natural solution for increasing neurotransmitters levels can be provided by amino acids, such as 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). It converts into serotonin and melatonin in the brain and has been shown to be effective in treating insomnia, especially in improving Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. It also has been shown to increase deep-sleep stages three and four without lengthening total sleep time. Dosing is dependent on your current sleep cycle, so it should be monitored by a healthcare professional.

Jennie’s Corner: Cryopreservation of Your Own Cells

Autologous (your own) stem cells from fat have been used for repair and regeneration on an investigational basis for various degenerative conditions including orthopedic, urologic, neuro-degenerative, cardiac and auto-immune diseases. These cell therapy procedures are generally performed on an outpatient basis and involve the use of cells from liposuction fat that are prepared on the same day and used fresh as a one-time deployment. This same-day process is known as a “point of care” procedure.

Many diseases, however, require repeat treatments or greater number of treatments for success. The only way to accomplish this with your own cells is to freeze some of them at the time of treatment and give them back later, or even better, use them for laboratory expansion to grow extremely high numbers of your own cells. This would provide a personalized repository of your own repair cells containing your own DNA in huge numbers. Several stem cell cryopreservation companies around the country offer this service, but until recently, they were only able to release your cells back under certain circumstances such as for an FDA-approved study or for an investigational procedure.

Thus, fat-derived stem cell procedures performed around the world have been restricted to same-day “point of care” with the hope that one day patients would be able to freeze some of these cells for future use. Well, the future is here. You can now freeze your own stem cells as bio-insurance to protect your health and are able to get your stem cells back for repeat treatments, and ultimately for laboratory expansion, at your discretion.

Here is the story….Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, all of which have a particular life span. Some last longer than others, but all living cells eventually die. In youth, we are blessed with a lot of stem cells around our various organs and tissues. So, as cells age and die or sustain injury, this signals the stem cells to turn on and replace the dying or injured cells. Eventually, our organs run out of these stem cells and we’re dependent on receiving them from other areas, such as bone marrow, or we simply heal a wound with other cells that form scar tissue instead of the needed organ cells. As we age, our bodies produce fewer and fewer of these cells and, of course, it eventually becomes impossible to keep up with our decline in natural cell death. Eventually, no matter how healthy you are, you run out of enough functioning cells to sustain your vital organs and you can no longer sustain life. Thus, a possible key to prolonged healthy living may be in regenerative medicine using your own stem cells – cell renewal therapy or CRT – to keep body parts and vital organs functioning properly.

Stem cells reside naturally in huge numbers within our fat. Instead of leaving your stem cells in your body’s fat compartments, you can now release and preserve them for more essential needs – like staying healthy. Cryo (meaning to freeze) preservation companies can provide this very option to anyone who has at least one ounce of fat (just 2 tablespoons) to spare. From this small amount of fat you can extract 10 to 30 million stem cells. You can also use unwanted fat following cosmetic liposuction procedures rather than throwing it out or just remove a little extra fat during a point of care regenerative procedure known as “cell surgery.” The technology allows you to extract your own stem cells from this fat and save them for a rainy day in a very deep freeze. Cryopreservation is done by storing your cells at – 190°C in liquid nitrogen. This absolutely preserves the cells and has been done successfully for years with sperm, eggs, embryos, and more recently, umbilical cord blood and tissue.

Having your healthy cells stored for life makes them immediately available should crisis conditions arise such as trauma, heart attack, or sudden illness. Banking these cells – with an FDA-approved cryopreservation company – before you need them may be the best insurance policy you ever buy. Besides the regenerative work being done now, your frozen stem cells may also have a role in the future in age mitigation strategies and also to treat cancer by carrying cancer killing agents directly into tumors. Your valuable stem cells not only contain your own DNA, their use eliminates any risk of allergic reaction or disease transmission.

Jennie’s Corner: Grain Brain

If you are a current patient, Dr. Stevens or I may have already talked your ears off about Grain Brain. If you have not heard about Grain Brain yet or said ears are still intact, then continue reading! Grain Brain is written by world-renowned neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter. In his book, he goes into great detail about the negative effects of carbs, wheat, and sugar. He focuses on how your brain responds to these foods and how they can potentially cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression and more. He also provides suggestions on how you can promote new, healthy brain cells at any age and outlines a 4-week dietary plan. This book is a #1 New York Times bestseller and his plan is one of our top recommended diet plans here at Essential Health & Wellness. If interested in reading his book, we sell them here at the office along with his Grain Brain Cookbook and his subsequent, Brain Maker.

For more information, please contact:


Jennie Welner, RN, FNP

Jennie Welner, RN, FNP, ABAAHP, Featured in Indy Weekly

Jennie is family medicine trained, but has a passion for anti-aging and regenerative health. Her specialties include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and intravenous nutrient therapy. Read the full article in the Indy Weekly by clicking here.

Jennie’s Corner: Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

With the New Year already underway, there may be some new year’s resolutions that have not come to fruition just yet. If one of your goals was to start eating healthier or lose weight (maybe both!), we may be able to help. Right now at EHW, we offer two effective, yet very different medically-supervised weight loss programs.

If your goal is to gain healthier eating habits but also to lose weight in the process, then consider the Healthy Transformation program. This diet program is clinically designed to continue success even after the program is completed. The Healthy Transformation program is modeled after a clinical study that helped patients lose an average of 2.1 pounds per week and improve markers of health. The study showed significant improvements in cholesterol levels and insulin function. The ready-made food plan and simple exercise regimen makes the program easy to follow. When the program is complete, you will continue the habits you learned to be a healthier you.

The other program we offer here is for those who are looking to lose weight in a shorter timeframe. This 23-day or 40-day weight loss program utilizes a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and a natural glycoprotein that the body produces to enhance metabolism and decrease hunger. It is designed to result in more rapid loss of inches and increased energy levels.

For more information, please contact:


Jennie Welner, RN, FNP

Jennies Corner: February’s Featured Service- Wellness Exams

If your doctor told you that you were at increased risk of developing diabetes or heart disease wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to prevent it? That’s exactly what we do here at Essential Health and Wellness with our wellness exams!

Wellness exams focus on early detection of disease and how to prevent these conditions. Examinations are extremely thorough and can involve either a full or half-day evaluation. Our clinical assistant guides you through various diagnostic tests for heart disease, respiratory conditions, diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, kidney disease, liver disease, lipid disorders, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and fitness level. After a long day of testing, you’ll have one on one time with Dr. Stevens for two hours! He’ll review all your results and discuss with you a detailed, customized treatment plan in order to live life with optimum health.


Jennie Welner, RN, FNP