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Here’s How a Medical Weight Loss Program Will Help You

Obesity has become a full-blown epidemic in the United States. It’s been associated with a slew of potential health problems, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Unfortunately, obesity is becoming increasingly common, and it doesn’t discriminate. Children growing up today are more likely to be obese than they ever were before.

Here at Essential Health and Wellness, we work together with our sister clinic, Essential Weight Loss, to offer a medical approach to weight loss that’s tailor-made for you. Keep reading to find out how we can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Are You Finding It Difficult to Lose Weight?

It can be hard to lose weight and keep it off. You may need guidance, support, and a personalized weight loss program to help you reach your optimal body weight. However, there are a few steps you can take to begin losing weight.

Follow These Tips to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Eat less processed foods, or even stop eating them completely if you can. Processed foods are not good for you. They’re filled with tons of sodium, sugar, and unhealthy toxins. If you’re out shopping, look fresh foods, and avoid the aisles so you don’t get tempted to buy chips, cookies, and other processed snacks.

Sugar is your weight-loss enemy. It can be highly addictive, and it’s found in a lot of processed foods. Even foods like peanut butter or chicken broth can contain added sugar. Read the ingredients list on the packaging of any foods you’re thinking about buying, and keep an eye out for large amounts of added sugar.

You may eventually notice that any progress you’ve made on losing weight has slowed down. If this happens, make an effort to increase your metabolism. Drinking more water and staying hydrated is one way to do this. Sodium retains fluid and can make you feel bloated. When you’re hydrated, your body can remove excess sodium more easily.

Even though following this advice can help you shed a few extra pounds, you may need a more comprehensive approach to reach and maintain a healthy weight on a long-term basis.

Here’s How a Medical Weight Loss Regimen Can Help You Shed the Pounds and Keep Your Weight Down

Losing weight and keeping it off for months and years to come can be difficult to do. A medically supervised weight loss regimen may be just what you need to lose weight quickly and sustain your progress. At Essential Health and Wellness, we’ll build a personalized regimen covering diets, exercise plans, medications, and supplements so you can lose weight safely and effectively. Here’s how:

Initial Examination

All of our weight loss programs are scientifically supported. Your initial examination begins with testing and analyzing your heart and blood pressure, and we’ll do blood tests and a body fat analysis as well.

Personalized Consultation

After your initial examination, we’ll go over your test results and medical history while discussing any weight loss goals you have. Using this information, we’ll recommend a personalized program to help you achieve your short-term and long-term health and weight loss goals.

Follow Ups to Check for Adjustments

Making regular assessments while you’re following your custom weight loss regimen allows us to regulate the progress you’re making. We’ll also make small adjustments if necessary to help you keep up with your weight loss goals.

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward Maintaining a Healthy Weight? Get in Touch With Us

If you’re having trouble losing weight on your own, then it’s time to call the professionals. At Essential Health and Wellness, we work along our Sister Clinic, Essential Weight Loss, to bring you the most comprehensive medical weight loss programs available in Cary, North Carolina. Get in touch with us today, so we can help you lose weight and maintain it on a long-term basis.

What’s the Point of Stem Cell Banking?

Recently, science and medicine have been abuzz over the promise of real medical breakthroughs in stem cell research. If you have ever wondered why stem cell storage has become such a hot topic, this article will fill you in on the science and the possibilities.

Stem Cells Explained

A stem cell is a cell that can become another, more specific type of cell, such as a skin cell or a nerve cell. There are three types of human stem cells, and at Essential Health, we harvest and store the adult stem cell type. The name “adult” is a little misleading, as these stem cells are in everyone’s body — adults, children, and babies.

The role of adult stem cells is to replace cells as they wear out and to stimulate damaged organs to repair themselves. As you grow older, your stem cells slowly lose their ability to repair and maintain your tissues and organs. It’s thought that this loss of viability plays a role in the physical decline associated with aging.

Adult stem cells are present throughout your body, in your tissues and organs, as well as in umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood. We harvest two types of adult stem cells from bone marrow in your hip bone. We specialize in adult stem cells from bone marrow because research has shown them to be the most viable and potent types of stem cells for tissue regeneration. One type–mesenchymal–has powerful tissue-building properties. The other type–hematopoietic–is capable of regenerating your blood cells.

What Is Stem Cell Storage?

While you may want to use your stem cells for an immediate treatment, you can also store them for use at a later date. Stem cells are ideal for storage because they can survive for long periods of time, can divide to make additional stem cells, and can develop into specialized cell types. When you store your younger, healthier stem cells now, they are available to you in the future for regenerative therapies and treatments.

Why Bank My Stem Cells?

Stem cell storage’s purpose is to ensure that you have your own personal stem cells available should you need them for regenerative therapies that exist now or will be available in the future. Your own adult stem cells provide a natural repair mechanism for many tissues throughout your body, and they are a perfect genetic match, which should prevent immune rejection.

The field of regenerative medicine is burgeoning. Currently, standard medical practice uses adult stem cell transplants in the treatment of conditions such as multiple myeloma and leukemia. Plus, there are many more possibilities on the horizon. Researchers believe that adult stem cells will eventually be used to fully heal damaged tissues and organs.

The younger you are when you store your stem cells, the healthier they will be. Even if you aren’t 20, 30, or even 40 anymore, the sooner you bank your stem cells, the better. It’s good insurance, because you never know if your future self is going to need them.

When you ask yourself the question, “Why store my stem cells?”, your answer should be, “Why not?” The procedure is simple, fast, and relatively painless. Your younger stem cells may someday provide you with the best possible treatment for a chronic disease or age-related disability.

To find out more about storing your stem cells, contact Essential Health, which is based in Cary, North Carolina, with your questions. We’re here to help!