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Integrative/Functional Medicine Consultations

Searching for a more natural and holistic approach to manage a health condition?

Our Integrative & Functional Medicine consultation services are designed for those looking to take back control of their health.

  • Receive answers to all your questions in language that makes sense.
  • Discover the underlying causes of your symptoms to stop or reverse disease.
  • Learn how to eliminate unneeded medications
  • Develop a clear plan to improve your health.

We offer both one-time and package programs to suit your needs.

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Patient Success Stories

“Before going to EHW, getting the level of care and attention I needed was a challenge. From the moment I joined the practice, I have been on a first-name basis with my doctor who is always available when I need. The care I receive at EHW is without a doubt, a key factor in maintaining my peak performance.”

Kyle Rensburg, Patient since 2009