360 Healthcare

Personalized 360 Healthcare

Personalized360 Healthcare is Essential Health and Wellness’ unique approach to medical care.

We believe that the best way to treat our patients is through a highly collaborative partnership that tailors care to each person’s individual needs. Fundamental to our practice is the creation of genuine relationships founded on trusted and nurtured through ongoing partnership. The connection that we build with our patients allows us to focus on the whole person, a value missing in traditional healthcare.

Personalized360 also reflects our commitment to providing you with the most individualized and comprehensive healthcare possible. It marks our dedication to using the best science-based methods and cutting-edge technologies to develop a unique plan for achieving your optimal health and wellness.



  • Dedicated partnerships built to serve your personal needs.
  • Advanced care focused on prevention and wellness.
  • Personal commitment coupled with every-day convenience.
  • Treatment driven by cutting-edge technology and research.
  • Collaboration with an entire team dedicated to your health and wellness.

"As a physician at Essential Health & Wellness, I have the time to truly investigate the needs of my patients and learn about their goals and dreams."

Elizabeth Sierakowski, MD

what we do

Working Together.

At Essential Health & Wellness, 360 means comprehensive care and support. As our patient, you will be supported by an entire “care team” of specialized healthcare professionals. Depending on your needs and program selection, you will partner with one of our board-certified physicians or integrative-trained advanced-care practitioners.

You will also have a dedicated health coach and nutritionist who will meet with you on a regular basis. Our team of healthcare professionals will always be by your side, guiding you on your journey.

Beyond Traditional Healthcare

We recognize that today’s world presents health and wellness challenges that are not being met by the conventional approach towards medical care. We firmly believe that those challenges necessitate a higher level of attention that focus on understanding all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Together, we stand committed to take you beyond traditional healthcare and help you live your life to the fullest.