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Focused on
Optimizing Your Health

Experience a holistic & personal approach to Primary Care...and so much more.

At Essential Health & Wellness, we challenge the conventional approach to primary care. We believe in treating people, not symptoms and place genuine relationships at the forefront of our practice.

What Makes Us Different
  • We spend time getting to know our patients.
  • We address underlying issues and not just symptoms.
  • We create actionable plans for optimal health and longevity.
  • We empower motivated patients looking to invest in their health.

Our Care Services


Our primary care programs have been designed to put the focus back on you, because the relationship with your healthcare provider should be personal. Enjoy health care as it was meant to be experience.


Our wellness programs ensure that you receive the extra support you need to live your life to the fullest. We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV nutrient therapy, medical weight loss, regenerative therapy, and more.


Our consultation services help to address your unanswered health & wellness questions with the expertise of our specialty trained Integrative & Functional medicine physicians and health coaches. Take back your health with cutting-edge knowledge and an actionable plan.

Our Unique Process

Our process is a little different than most – we want to get to know everything about you in order to build a long-lasting relationship centered around your health.

Here is how it works:

Meet & greet

Spend 30-minutes with one our providers for free! It’s an informal visit for you to see if we would be a good fit. No need to bring records or fill out paperwork. Just time for friendly conversation.

Select a Program

If you feel like we would work well together, then it’s time to select a program that best fits your needs. Don’t worry, this can change over time. Some people even select multiple programs.

Perform Your Assessment

A key step in the process in your assessment. Whether you are a primary-care client or participating in a wellness program, we always take the time to understand every aspect of your health.

Review Your Plan

You will receive a personalized plan outlining your steps to better health. We review this together and make sure it is the best plan for you.

Achieve Optimal Health

Once we have developed your health plan, it’s time to put it into action. We are here to help guide you along every step of the way.


​It’s normal to have lots of questions, especially when it comes to your health. We would love the opportunity to explore if we are a good fit for each other.

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Our Patient Stories

“There is not a better caring doctor or group than those I have come in contact at Essential Health. At 73 years of age, I feel better and do more than most people my age.”

James Lawson, Patient Since 2007