Telomere Testing and Micronutrient Testing Cutting-Edge Clinical Diagnostic Testing from SpectraCell

We at Essential Health & Wellness are proud to partner with SpectraCell for advanced diagnostic testing of nutritional status through micronutrient testing and biological age measurement through telomere testing.

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What is Micronutrient Testing?

Micronutrient testing from SpectraCell delivers the most accurate and scientifically-proven method for identifying nutritional deficiencies. These tests highlight our clients’ individual nutritional needs, enabling us at Essential Health & Wellness to design a personalized nutrition plan which will specifically address their issues. Proactive nutritional planning is a key method for enhancing your overall health and feeling of wellness.

What is Telomere Testing?

Telomeres are the caps on the end of the DNA in each of your chromosomes, the length of which represents your cells’ biological age. Every time your DNA replicates itself to form new cells, a bit of information is lost from these telomeres, and eventually these buffer zones disappear altogether, leading to the loss of important genomic information and eventually cell death. Telomere testing from SpectraCell helps us establish your cells’ biological age as it relates to the general population.

With this knowledge, we can choose certain therapies aimed at slowing the loss of telomeres and therefore slowing the onset of age-related disorders.


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