Antibody Testing from Cyrex Laboratories Detection and Monitoring of Complex Autoimmune Conditions

Antibodies are produced by the body’s immune system and are designed to attack and neutralize foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and toxins. Properly-functioning antibodies recognize the difference between these foreign objects and objects which are part of a person’s body. However, with autoimmune disorders, antibodies attack the body’s own tissues, triggering inflammatory reactions affecting a single organ or many tissues, depending upon the specific condition.

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Establishing Your Antibody Profile To Address the Root Cause of Autoimmune Disorders

With antibody testing provided by Cyrex Laboratories, we at Essential Health & Wellness are able to address the development and progression of autoimmune disorders by investigating the cross connections between our patients’ endocrine, gastrointestinal, and neurological systems. Establishing a profile of the antibodies present in our patients enables us to design a custom-targeted plan for therapies, medications, nutritional programs, and lifestyle adjustments to address the root cause of autoimmune conditions.


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