Adrenal Dysfunction Treatments Balancing Cortisol Levels for More Energy and Better Sleep

Adrenal dysfunction is a condition in which your body’s adrenal glands can no longer produce sufficient amounts of cortisol, a hormone which enables you to cope with the effects of stress on your body. This is generally caused by prolonged stress, poor diet, too little sleep and rest, chronic illness or repeated infections, and other environmental factors.

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Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction Include:

  • Not Feeling Rested in the Morning, Even After Going to Bed at a Reasonable Time
  • Frequently Having to Drink Caffeine in the Morning to Get Your Day Started
  • Low Energy Throughout the Day or a Drop in Energy in the Afternoon
  • Feeling Tired for No Reason
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Poor Sleep
  • Weight Gain, Especially the “Fat Tire” Around Your Midsection

After your adrenal glands have been underperforming for some time, your body tries to make up for your lack of cortisol by converting pregnenolone to cortisol rather than allowing it to be converted into progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. In this way, prolonged adrenal dysfunction can also lead to an imbalance of your sexual hormones, which causes further negative effects on your mood, energy levels, libido, and more.

At Essential Health & Wellness, we analyze the results we receive from cutting-edge lab testing to determine your exact hormone levels. When we find a deficiency or imbalance, we use our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy techniques—along with recommended diet, supplementation, and exercise—to correct the issues, giving you more energy and a better overall feeling of wellness. Your individual hormone replacement therapy will be custom tailored to address your individual needs, ensuring we achieve the proper hormone levels and balances for your body so that it can function efficiently and you can feel your best.

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