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Essential Health & Wellness is a medical office located in Cary, NC delivering comprehensive and personalized care to enhance the overall wellness, performance, and longevity of our clients. We strive to be at the forefront of medical technology and understanding, focusing on holistic approaches to total wellness through proactive disease prevention and state-of-the-art anti-aging techniques.

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Optimizing Performance and Longevity With Cutting-Edge Testing, Technology, and Techniques

Dr. James Stevens, president and founder of Essential Health & Wellness, is committed to creating healthy lifestyles for all of his patients, utilizing the most current proven lab testing, technology, and health care techniques. Dr. Stevens believes that rigorous continuing education is the best method for serving his clients, and he has assembled a dedicated, like-minded staff of healthcare professionals who apply the most modern healthcare technology and techniques to optimize their patients’ performance and longevity.

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Essential Health & Wellness is a cutting-edge medical office located in Cary, NC serving clients with personalized, comprehensive healthcare solutions including stem cell research, hormone replacement therapy, lab testing, and much more, all designed to improve overall wellness, performance, and longevity

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